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by:  Dawn Cheney

If embarking on a new spiritual journey Creedite is the perfect stone to work with, as it expands one’s sensitivity to energy while providing for the mental clarity necessary to see and hear clearly.  Hold the Creedite in your non-dominant hand and place the stone lightly on the middle of your forehead.  The Creedite will activate and align the Third Eye and Crown Chakras almost immediately.  Creedite will also aid in the clearing of blockages in the higher chakras.  Creedite is perfect for mediation, as it is known to open and activate the heart on higher levels of being, allowing divine light into your heart and daily life.  The inner peace brought by Creedite replenishes your aura and increases your energy field.  

Creedite sets a very high standard for moving forward on your spiritual path.  It is a true healer and spiritual tool for all who are on a spiritual journey, no matter what level you are on.  It’s gives you a true sense of balance and nourishment as you heal and transform your life.  It is the perfect choice for anyone. 

With Creedite’s extremely high energy it is possible to gain the ability to attune yourself to the higher spiritual vibrations of the universe.  This helps you to experience the higher dimensional realms, channel messages and align to universal wisdom.  It is akin to attuning yourself to a communication device that enhances your ability to interpret messages from your Spirit Guides. 

Creedite is a rare form of oxidized Fluorite ore originally found in Creede, CO, where it got its name.  This spiritually high vibrational stone can be found in white, orange, purple or colorless with the orange variety considered to be the purest of all the colors.  

Natural Healing Stones & Crystals has a new selection of Creedite available in Booth #3, at Peddler’s Pavilion, 2400 W. Picacho, Las Cruces, NM 88007.  We are open every Saturday and Sunday 9-4.   Or, you can shop online at  We’re also very excited to be able to show you our latest selection of stones, jewelry and gifts. 

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