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Love and Amethyst

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by: Dawn Cheney


February is the month of love and Amethyst.  Both are associated with Valentine’s Day due to the belief that St Valentine wore an Amethyst ring carved with the image of Cupid, the God of falling in love.  It’s said he wore this ring so that the guards would recognize him and ask him to preform their marriage ceremonies.  The image of Cupid was also Rome’s legal symbol representing love.  Hence a Heavenly match.


These particular factors established Amethyst as the stone of pure love, faithful lovers and fidelity.  As the “couple’s stone” it helps manifest deep and soulful emotional connections between lovers.  It is also worn to attract love and is the symbol of maturity, creativity and affection. 


It’s ability to increase faith and wisdom is credited for bringing diligence to prayer and religious practices while suppressing evil thoughts and evil forces.  Amethyst aids the wearer to remain calm and clear headed in daily activities and business while sharpening intelligence, therefore being an aid in being clear headed in making love decisions. 


Natural Healing Stones & Crystal’s will go to two major gem and mineral shows during February.  Our first stop we will attend the Tucson, Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase in Tucson, AZ.  Our second stop  will be right here in Las Cruces.  Our vendor booth will be set up at the Farm & Ranch Museum Gem & Mineral Show, February 19 and 20. 


As we will have returned from the Tucson, Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase by then and our show booth will be brimming beyond capacity with our new discoveries acquired from this major Gem and Mineral Show.  We look forward to sharing them with you.   Farm and Ranch Museum ticket and show information:


Natural Healing Stones & Crystal’s will be open as usual with a great selection of crystals and gemstones to choose from during February while we are at the above two gem and mineral shows.  Shop online at or, visit us at Booth #3, at Peddler’s Pavilion, 2400 W. Picacho, Las Cruces, NM 88007 every Saturday and Sunday 9-4.  We can’t wait to show you our new stones, jewelry and gifts from these shows. 


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