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by Dawn Cheney

      Hand-Held Energy Healing Wand

Best known for it’s healing properties Orgonite possesses many wonderful characteristics. It’s
ability to amplify, transmute and transmit energy gives rise to benefits such as, decreased
sensitivity to EMFs (such as from your phone and computer), increased physical energy and
resistance to illnesses, better sleep, as well as enhancing Spiritual and psychological growth.
Through the use of your intention Orgonite absorbs and transmutes negative energy into
positive energy.

Orgonite is oriented to the Heart Chakra which allows for a very emotionally balanced and
transformative experience when working with such pieces as wands and pyramids. The
wands we carry here at Natural Healing Stones & Crystals are specifically selected from our
premium quality vendor. They are individually hand wrapped with proprietary Orgonite orbs
and pure copper, meaning each wand is unique and one of a kind. The wands two ends, one
pointed and one round, serve as transfer focal points to direct the energy where you need it to
go. This could be into the body, a plant, an intention of healing any emotional situations or
energizing positive thoughts and ideas.

What better way to start off your New Year’s 2022 resolutions than by transmuting those old
energies to positive energy and amplifying them out into the Universe, thus igniting a magical
spark to your New Year’s intentions.

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