CT-Energy Pyramid Lamp – Blue


Blue Energy Pyramid Lamp.  These lamps are 7″ tall and come with cord set & bulb. Weight 6-8 lbs.

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Soothing, Alleviates Suffering, Calming, Truth, Wisdom, Loyalty, Tranquility, Communication, Speech, Public Speaking, Peaceful Dreams, Prophetic Visions, Protection During Sleep, Astral Projection, Magical Work, Power of the Word, Ideals, Devotion.

Healing Lore: Antiseptic, Arthritis Inflammation, Relieve Fever, Cooling, High Blood Pressure, Bleeding, Sinus Headache, Anger-Related Psychological Problems, Hysteria, Anti-itch, Anti-inflammatory, Relieve Pain, Sore Throat, Larynx, Laryngitis, Swallowing Problems.

Color Cautions: Excessive use of blue can bring too much cooling energy.

Related To: Air Element, Throat Chakra.

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Weight 10.5 lbs


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