CT-Energy Pyramid Lamp – Red


Red Energy Pyramid Lamp.  Releases the body & mind, red relieves depression. These lamps are 7″ tall and come with cord set & bulb. Weight 6-8 lbs.

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Stimulating, Excites Nervous System, Anti-depressant, Can Stimulate Appetites, Warmth, Energy, Assertiveness, Aggression, Masculinity, Independence, Sports, Competition, Conflict, Potency, Passion, Passionate Love, Romance, Danger, Revolution, War, Yang

Healing Lore: Fatigue, Colds, Chills, Blood, Circulation, Energizes Senses, Stimulate Ovulation, Stimulates Menstruation, Stimulates Growth, Adrenal Activity, Raise Body Temperature, Anemia, Eases Stiffness, Alleviates Constrictions, Physical Strength, Spine, Feet, Hips, Legs

Color Cautions: Excessive red can be overstimulating and cause irritability.

Related To: Fire Element, Root (Base) Chakra.

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Weight 10.5 lbs


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