GC-Aquamarine 20mm(Mini)


Aquamarine – 20mm(Mini) Cabochon  – Healing Crystal – Throat Chakra – Metaphysical – Reiki Healing

These Aquamarine cabochons are perfect for inlay, wire wrapping and embellishment.  Aquamarine stones are ready to shape and polish or facet or make beads on lapidary equipment.  Gems and crystals are great for altars, grids, terrariums, pocket stones, gifts, home decorating, mineral collections, grounding stones and more! They are also wonderful additions to meditation, reiki and chakra work.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Its name come from the Latin for seawater and it was said to keep sailors safe at sea. The ancient Romans believed it provided energy and could cure laziness. It has been said that wearers of Aquamarine will be triumphant against their foes, quicken one’s intellect, and encourages compassion and tolerance. 

Associated with the Throat chakra, Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking, and is an excellent stone for teachers and presenters of all types.  A stone of natural justice, Aquamarine utilizes compromise and negotiation, and gives quiet courage and clear reasoned words in confrontational situations.  Aquamarine is a Water element stone, powerful for cleansing the emotional body and opening communication.  Aquamarine is an excellent crystal for meditation and the awakening of paranormal abilities.  Aquamarine in pale turquoise shades provides a fresh, welcome energy that moves us to serenity as new growth and life emerges. It brings hope, discovery and balance. It returns us to center.

Aquamarine (from Latin: aqua marina, “water of the sea”) is a blue or turquoise variety of beryl.  The pale blue, transparent crystal is a member of the Beryl family. Its color, sometimes bluish green, is caused by iron oxides within the chemical makeup of the stone.

Each stone is unique and beautiful, you should expect slight variations in color, texture, and size. Healing crystals are not a replacement for traditional medical treatment.

Mined in Africa.

5 carats = 1 gram
28 grams = 1 oz
1 inch = 25.4 millimeters / 2.54 cm

~ one U.S.A nickel weighs 5 grams
~ one U.S.A dime (1965 and newer) weighs 2.268 grams
~ one Lincoln Penny (1982 and newer) weighs 2.5 grams

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