MT-Orgonite Hand-Held Massage Wand


Orgonite, is the Universal Life Force, Chi, Prana, Ki, Mana, Universal Energy—the basic building block of all organic and inorganic material on the planet and the universal energy that is present in all living things. These Orgonite wands are made from a mix of gemstone chips, metal filings, and epoxy resin, resulting in a highly efficient energy transmutation tool. Negative energy is absorbed and transmuted into positive energy while emanating the energy of a set intention. 


 ✨ Improve Your Energy
🌈 Support Your Meditation
💚 Creates Peace & Harmony
 🔮 Spiritual Transformation
☀    Easily cleanse wand of absorbed negative energy by placing in sunlight for 1 hour each month
🌟 EMF Protection


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