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Tips For Attending The Tucson Gem Show

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You have booked your  flights, and reserved your hotel room, but are you really ready for the Tucson Gem Show?  If you’re a first timer or Tucson newbie, prepare to be overwhelmed because the Tucson Gem Show takes over the entire city of Tucson from mid January thru the second weekend in February. 

Your jeweller’s loop and pocket torch are perhaps the most obvious items to take, but had you thought of these other useful items?  Good packing can make the whole experience more comfortable and productive, so don’t forget to make plenty of room in your suitcase for these Tucson essentials.

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Pack your 10x magnification jeweller’s loupe and pocket torch, of course!

Take a checkbook as well as cash – you’ll find some international dealers do not take credit cards.

Yes, Arizona’s a desert, but it has been known to rain heavily in February.  Pack a lightweight raincoat or umbrella.

Comfortable shoes are ESSENTIAL!!! for the Tucson gem show.   You’ll probably walk a few miles daily. While we’re on shoes, better take a pair that will keep your feet dry.  Some shows are in car parks, which can collect some pretty big puddles when it rains.

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Pack several thin layers that you can peel off as the chilly mornings warm up and put back on again when the evening temperature drops.

A backpack is easier to manage than a bag when you’re handling gems and jewellery.

Keep your cash, credit cards and checkbook in a money belt or fanny pack.  It’s easier to access than your backpack and much safer.

You’ll be asked to register at some shows.  Mostly they’re just after your name, address and email, so print out some sticky labels with your details on them before you go.  It speeds things up a bit.

Handling minerals, antique jewellery and other grubby goods means you’ll need anti-bac wipes or a travel-sized hand sanitizer.

All that dust, dirt and handwashing can play havoc with your hands, so bring a good hand-cream.

Tucson Newbie Essentials |

You’ll get super thirsty and ravenously hungry being on your feet all day.  Pack snacks and don’t forget to take your re-fillable water bottle.

If you’ve got experience, why not help out a Tucson newbie by adding your ideas to the comments below?

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence.

See you at the Tucson Gem Show!!

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